Friday, 13 January 2017

The cold snap .. the UK you will be glad to hear isn't affecting us here. So to all our friends and family in the UK here are a few warm photo's to brighten your day. 

The numbers for todays hike swelled to seven, stalwarts Barry, Martin & I were joined by Roly, Paul ,Russell and Kimberley. 

Paul Russ & Kimberly

Roly & Martin.

Summit of our hike.

Barry & Martin

After our walk we all went to the Friday market in Turre.

Beer and tapas at the Indian restaurant.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Peace and quiet

Betty the outlaw's  time with us has come to an end, as she left her broomstick back in Somerset she went on an Easyjet flight from Almeria, Sue went with her to make sure she didn't return got home safely
Image result for broomstick#
Before leaving for the airport we had breakfast with the Mojacar crew which has now swelled to eleven peeps.

Carrying on with my fitness regime -     Barry & Martin came along for the twin peaks challenge  climbing up and over the regular daily mound , along a dry river bed then up a second mountain to the summit.

Martin & Barry at the summit.

Mojacar in the distance

I had proper hiking footwear and walking poles, I still managed to slip a couple of times on the descent, landing on the floor once. Martin on the other hand was poleless in his 10 euro trainers from the local Euromarket, he was as agile and surefooted as a mountain goat !

It was four hour hike including a stop off at a beach cafe for refreshments.

We wait for the straggler

We found  Wilson  down on the shore.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Mind the telegraph pole

I've been yomping over the hills with alarming regularity {two days on the trot so far) in my mission to get a little fitter.

Betty's next door neighbours have a holiday home near Huercal Overa, she has been badgering me to take her on a visit so yesterday we went on a a 45minute drive. We had a nice afternoon with Steve & Fred, we were supplied with tapas and a glass's of Cava for those not driving.

Typically Spanish way of doing things

and another

In the evening it was paella time with the crews of Moriarty (Cathy & Martin) & Mary H (Richard & Linda) -who are also enjoying time away from the UK winter,- Paul & his surprise guest, niece Hayley, and my outlaw made up a table of nine So that makes seven boaters here. Friends Roly & Bev have crossed the Pyrenees and will be arriving Monday and Dot & Gordon are flying out next month. .....It's going to be a social couple of months.

Had the darts rematch with the Rose & Crown on Thursday, it's a bit off putting when the landlord tells me if I didn't hit my double I will be barred.... all in good fun. I actually lost both of my singles and the doubles game but my team mates won the match overall.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Was the millennium..

really 17 years ago!

Joined in with the  new years dip in honour of Elaine Mcbride organised by her hubby Paul to raise money for a couple of good causes.

Money was being raised for Leo the lion  a young lad who is recovering after brain tumour surgery, I got to  speak with his mum and found out that she was originally from the Isle of Man - small world isn't it.

The sea was fer fer fer freeezzzing at first but the body soon got used to it and most dippers stayed in for a ten minute swim. Hot chocolate was available to all, with a splash of brandy if you wished.

A well organised event that raised more than 1000 Euros.

Dippers belting out the Robbie Burns number 'Aud Lang Syne'

Today local guide 'Canadian' Barry took Martin and me on a walking tour of the hills that surround Mojacar. As we yomped up a dry gorge I realised how unfit I have become lately so tomorrow I will start a fitness regime.... manana.

Barry & Martin waiting for me to catch up.

The balanced stone (centre picture) was erected by our guide.

Friday, 30 December 2016

I haven't thrown a dart.....

 since playing for my local pub in Shepperton twenty years ago, I wasn't very good, only turning up to make the numbers up and feast on the spread each landlord laid on for the travelling & home team,  a sort of sub- competition ensued with the licensees trying to out do each other in the gourmet stakes. Pizza, roast potatoes, chips. sausages pork pies and other assorted nibbles being normal fare for the Wednesday evening matches.

The Emerald Isle was short of a player, I was happy to be drafted in to play in the inaugural match at the (new) Rose & Crown, some free fodder would surely be laid on for the players. 

Nothing, nada, not even a peanut or crisp made it to the tables near the oche.  

It was still a fun night, luckily I was drawn against their bloke who, like me, was hoping for free nosh and making up the numbers, I fluked a 2- 1 victory. 

Emerald Isle won the match and there's talk of a re-match... I'll take a lunch box.

 Betty is enjoying her self, has a tan already and has been doing quite a bit of walking with the promise of a medicinal Chardonnay.  

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

By the light of a silvery moon.

 You'd be forgiven for thinking the below picture is of the sun when actually it is the moon.(taken on the 10th December)

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Brexmas

We've left Spain for a few days to collect Betty the out-law and take her back to Spain for Christmas. I know I'm a saint..... although now I wished we had kept the apartment up heart attack hill - she could have been imprisoned up their until her return to the UK (the halo's slipping a bit). 

At Gatwick.

An easy walk to the sea for Betty & Sue

Betty at Christmas eve party.

Someones refusing to pose

Pre Christmas dinner drinks in Garrucha
Brexmas 2.jpg
And a Happy new year